One Fee

Access to a CFP® professional. No account minimum. Ongoing financial planning and investment management for Millennials.

  • No minimum


  • $112,500 minimum

What You Can Expect

-> Investment Management

-> Cash Flow and Budgeting Advice

-> Retirement Planning

-> Insurance Advice

-> Maximizing Employee Benefits

-> Debt Management Strategies

We always begin with an initial discovery meeting where we gather as much information about your current financial situation as possible. Next, we help articulate your goals and determine the best plan of attack. 

We oversee implementation and hold you accountable to the plan we develop together. As changes in your life occur, we adjust accordingly. 

We use state of the art planning technology to help you (and us!) stay on top of things. You’ll have a secure, online portal to access all your important financial documents and anytime access to us via phone, text or email. 

Track Your Goals

Student Loans 80%
Buying A Home 40%
Retirement 32%
Emergency Fund 100%
College Funding 50%
Annual Overseas Trip 100%

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centered around passive, low-cost investments. As information’s become more readily available and public markets more efficient than ever before, it’s become increasingly difficult for active money manager’s to “beat” their respective benchmarks over full market cycles.

Millennials have decades of time to take advantage of the power of compounding through a steady, patient approach. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Sweeping changes don’t need to be made every day or every month for a portfolio to perform well over the long run. Instead, we focus on what we can control, which is our reactions to market swings, coaching healthy financial habits, keeping fees low, and tracking towards your goals. In the end what matters is you’re able to live the life you want, free of financial concerns. If we’re able to achieve that, we’ve achieved our desired rate of return.

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