different sources of income

The Importance of Building Different Sources of Income

When it comes to building wealth, saving and investing for your future, and achieving whatever other financial goals you might have, it’s important to develop other sources of income other than what you earn. You could be earning $500,0000 by age 50, yet if you haven’t saved a dime, you’re not going to be able[…]

who pays gift taxes

Who Pays Gift Taxes? And Gifting Strategies for Millennials

The annual gift tax exclusion in 2018 allows up to $15,000 to be transferred tax-free. Meaning cash gifts received or made, from anyone, over that limit are taxed. If you’ve ever received a generous gift from someone, you might be wondering who pays gift taxes? How does the gift tax work? And why is there a[…]

should you buy disability insurance

Should You Buy Disability Insurance?

Insurance is a necessary expense to protect against unexpected losses. Even if it’s never used, it’s a fundamental part of any comprehensive financial plan. One area often overlooked, is protecting against the loss of income associated with the ability to work. According to a recent Social Security Administration Factsheet, a “sobering fact for 20-year-olds, is[…]

financial wellness

Financial Wellness: The Key to a Happier Life

Being stressed about finances is never a good thing. Financial wellness directly correlates to our overall well being. Being over your head in debt, losing your job, or having to pay for a crippling unexpected expense, all can cause massive amounts of stress. That stress can have negative effects on your mental and physical health.[…]