wealthy vs. rich

Wealthy vs. Rich: What’s the Difference?

In today’s fast-paced world, financial success is often equated with being wealthy or rich. However, there are significant distinctions. While both terms refer to abundant financial resources, the underlying principles and long-term implications differ significantly. As a financial advisor specializing in assisting professionals in the technology industry, I come across many situations where we can …

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how to survive a recession

How to Survive a Recession

The natural economic cycle, unfortunately, includes periods of recession. Throughout history, recessions have occurred of various magnitudes and for multiple reasons. Every recession tends to be different, and nearly impossible to predict precisely when they’ll happen. Recessions are tied to economic conditions such as higher unemployment, stagnating wage growth, stock market declines, falling real estate …

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stock options advice

4 Pieces Of Our Best Stock Options Advice

Stock options present unique challenges, opportunities, and potential pitfalls to personal finances. In addition, they’re inherently complex when considering other factors of an individual’s or family’s holistic financial plan. Over the years of working directly with people who receive stock options as part of their compensation package, we’ve come up with our four best pieces …

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guide to capital gains taxes

Guide to Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains are taxes that all investors need to be knowledgeable of. Whether you invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, etc., capital gains taxes must be paid once the investment is eventually sold. Using tax planning or basic knowledge of capital gains taxes can help you prepare for the eventual tax bill without getting surprised. …

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millionaire money habits

Millionaire Money Habits

Creating habits regarding money management, or anything in life for that matter, will drastically improve your chances of achieving a goal. Millionaires, in particular, typically abide by certain habits, sometimes consciously and other times due to creating similar habits in other areas of their life, resulting in their ability to achieve a net worth greater …

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Benefits of Term Life insurance

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

All types of insurance can help reduce the risks of a financial plan. Whether you’re trying to reduce the risk of loss of income, ability to perform your job, catastrophic damage to a large asset such as a home, or general liability, if there’s a risk, generally, insurance can be purchased to cover it. One …

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volatile markets

Stock Options & RSU Strategies During Volatile Markets

Investors are certain to experience volatile markets throughout any normal economic cycle. As unpleasant as they may be, they also offer potential opportunities to long-term investors with the patience and financial wherewithal to withstand a downturn. This particularly rings true for equity compensation in both private and public companies. Stock options and RSUs in valuable …

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