steps to financial success in your 30's

Steps to Financial Success in Your 30’s

If you’ve laid the foundation for financial success in your 20’s, your 30’s should be a breeze right? Well, many things may have changed since your 20’s, you may have gotten married, settled down, had kids, and bought a home. These major lifestyle changes bring with it many new financial obligations and decisions to be[…]

the importance of good bookkeeping

The Importance of Good Bookkeeping in Your New Business

According to a survey published by Bentley University’s PreparedU Project in 2014, “66% of Millennials would like to start their own business and 37% want to work on their own.” As this Forbes article puts it, “Millennials are the true entrepreneur generation.” As a Millennial entrepreneur, there are several basic aspects of running a business[…]

best legal structure

Best Legal Structure For Your Small Business

Starting a new business is a thrilling time. As exciting and fun as it is, however, it can also be tremendously difficult and challenging. In order to give yourself the best chance at long-term success, you have to think through every possible outcome for every facet of your business. One of these particular challenges in[…]

financial conversations to have prior to marriage

Financial Conversations to Have Prior to Marriage

Marriage is about celebrating two people who’ve decided to embark on the rest of their lives together. It’s an exciting and fulfilling time! Yet, marriage also brings with it the joining of two separate financial pictures, backgrounds, and priorities. Engaging in these conversations with your soon-to-be-spouse, while difficult they may be, can help avoid even[…]

does fidicuary responsibility mean

What Does Fiduciary Responsibility Mean?

With the rise of the fee-only movement in recent years and the ever-increasing awareness of how financial advisors are compensated for the advice they provide, the term “fiduciary” has become more important and prevalent than ever before. Chances are you’ve likely heard this term before, but you may not know what it truly means, what[…]

certainty of uncertainty

Planning for the Certainty of Uncertainty

Life is full of uncertain experiences, events, and outcomes. It’s what makes life interesting, fulfilling, and fun. That to a certain extent we’re uncertain what our future holds. We can only do so much to further our careers, protect our loved ones, or advance our knowledge. In the end, there will always be a degree[…]

active versus passive investing

The Great Debate: Active Versus Passive Investing

At the forefront of the investment world over the past decade has been the debate over active versus passive investing. Active funds, or mutual funds, have managers that “actively” buy and sell investments in order to beat their respective benchmark or accomplish their specific objective. On the other hand, passive funds have no manager, they[…]

do I need a financial planner

Do I Need A Financial Planner?

Financial planning has evolved over the years. Since I’ve entered the profession, technology has enabled planners to help more and more clients. The financial planning software has improved and reduced the amount of time it takes to gather financial data. Real-time account aggregation and encrypted “vaults” to store sensitive financial information are now a cornerstone[…]

financial accomplishments worth celebrating

9 Financial Accomplishments Worth Celebrating

Whether we like it or not, our finances provide a foundation for the other aspects of our lives. Failing to have our finances in order can put a strain on our relationships, our careers, and set us back years towards achieving financial independence. The journey towards financial independence can be long, arduous, and flat-out tough.[…]

401(k) loan questions

Frequently Asked 401(k) Loan Questions…Answered!

The majority of 401(k) providers offer a loan provision that allows participants to loan themselves money from their 401(k)’s at a relatively low-interest rate. We often get questions about whether it’s a good idea to loan yourself money from your 401(k). While it can seem attractive on the surface due to low-interest rates in addition[…]