unystematic vs systematic risk

Diversification: The Key to Maximizing your Investments

The key to understanding the importance of diversification lies first with understanding risk. There are two types of risk when it comes to investing. If you’ve ever taken a finance or statistics class you’ll likely remember learning about unsystematic vs systematic risk. Understanding their differences helps investors maximize their investment returns. As advisors, it’s key[…]

rising interest rates

Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Personal Finances

Ever since 2008 we’ve lived in a low-interest-rate world. “Easy money” as it’s called. From a borrower’s perspective, it’s been a great time to finance a home, car, or business to lock in a low-interest rate. As the U.S economy slowly but surely moves towards higher interest rates in the future, the rate increases will[…]

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

In today’s world, we are faced with the threat of climate change, social instability, and several other social, environmental, and governance issues. If you’ve been wondering how to align your values with your investments, you’re in luck. Socially responsible investing funds exist specifically for this purpose and over the years the number of assets, oversight,[…]

Robo advisor vs financial advisor

Robo-Advisor vs Financial Advisor: What’s the Difference

With the rise of popular robo-advisor platforms like Wealthfront and Betterment that provide automated, low-cost investment management services, many people may wonder if the age of financial advice from actual humans is already dead or on it’s way out. However, this is simply not the case, according to LendEDU, a Delaware-based start-up in the student[…]

side hustle business ideas

3 Side Hustle Business Ideas

For many Millennials, long gone are the days of the status quo of climbing the corporate ladder and working for the same employer for their entire 30+ year career. Instead, Millennials “plan to work for many employers over their lifetimes, or for many employers and themselves, along with becoming business owners,” according to Accountingweb.com. This[…]

personal expense worksheet

Free Personal Expense Worksheet

We developed a personal expense worksheet to help our clients identify where they’re spending their money, and how much they’re spending on average, monthly and annually. We hesitate to call it a budgeting template because it’s not. We don’t believe in traditional budgeting unless it’s truly necessary to break bad spending habits. For most people,[…]

tips for starting a business

4 Tips for Starting a Business

If you’ve ever had aspirations of starting a business, the process can seem overwhelming. There are many questions and hurdles to address even before setting up shop. From complying with local, state, and federal regulations, to developing a marketing strategy or distribution network. The list goes on and on and the actual technical aspects of[…]

What do financial planners do

What do Financial Planners Do?

The variety of Financial Advisors, Financial Professionals, Financial Planners, etc, that people hold themselves out to be has become extensive. Our industry hasn’t done a great job of defining the distinguishing characteristics of each to our consumers. It’s probably left you asking, what do financial planners do? If you had to choose between an advisor[…]