build wealth

Should my Investment Strategy Change as my Wealth Grows?

My journey in the financial advice industry began primarily working with retirees and near-retirees. The experience of working with older generations provided me with a unique perspective when it comes to the advice I give younger generations, whom I primarily work with now. One thing I’ve learned is wealth can be built in many different[…]

teach your kids about money

5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

According to FINRA’s study Financial Capability in the United States 2016, 59% of the study’s respondents were not offered financial education by a school or college they attended. On the five-question financial literacy test they administered as part of the study, only 14% were able to answer all five questions correctly. Yet, “respondents whose parents[…]

managing concentrated stock positions

Managing Concentrated Stock Positions

Living in Seattle and primarily working with individuals and families in the tech industry, I’m very in touch with our burgeoning tech scene. Industry titans such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google, all have large offices here. If you work in the tech industry you’re also likely familiar with the variety of equity compensation structures[…]

single income family

How to Protect Against a Loss of Income for a Single Income Family

It’s not uncommon for families to have one individual provide the majority if not all the income for the lifestyle expenses of the family. Obviously, this poses an inherent risk in the case that the individual who is the primary breadwinner is relied upon to provide the income to support the family. What if that income[…]

5 money management tips

5 Money Management Tips for Freelancers

In today’s day and age, more and more people are turning to the gig economy to make a living or provide extra income. According to a study done in 2017 by the cloud-based accounting and invoicing software, FreshBooks, they suggest the number of Americans working for themselves could triple to 42 million by 2020, with[…]

asset allocation

5 Things Every Investor Should Know About Their Portfolio

When I first started to invest on my own at 19 through a Scottrade account, I admittedly had no idea what I was doing. I would scour through articles on the internet looking for information on the latest and greatest technology in hopes of finding a hidden gem of a company to buy stock in. I[…]

hacks to upgrading your finances

6 Hacks to Upgrading Your Finances

I put together a list of ideas that aren’t necessarily the commonly preached methods to better managing your money. We all know we should save, invest, and spend within our means, but the steps to doing so aren’t always so clear-cut. My hope is these 6 hacks to upgrading your finances will help you understand[…]

steps to financial success in your 30's

Steps to Financial Success in Your 30’s

If you’ve laid the foundation for financial success in your 20’s, your 30’s should be a breeze right? Well, many things may have changed since your 20’s, you may have gotten married, settled down, had kids, and bought a home. These major lifestyle changes bring with it many new financial obligations and decisions to be[…]

the importance of good bookkeeping

The Importance of Good Bookkeeping in Your New Business

According to a survey published by Bentley University’s PreparedU Project in 2014, “66% of Millennials would like to start their own business and 37% want to work on their own.” As this Forbes article puts it, “Millennials are the true entrepreneur generation.” As a Millennial entrepreneur, there are several basic aspects of running a business[…]