wealthy vs. rich

Wealthy vs. Rich: What’s the Difference?

In today’s fast-paced world, financial success is often equated with being wealthy or rich. However, there are significant distinctions. While both terms refer to abundant financial resources, the underlying principles and long-term implications differ significantly. As a financial advisor specializing in assisting professionals in the technology industry, I come across many situations where we can …

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managing concentrated stock positions

Managing Concentrated Stock Positions

Living in Seattle and primarily working with individuals and families in the tech industry, I’m very in touch with our burgeoning tech scene. Industry titans¬†such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google, all have large offices here. If you work in the tech industry you’re also likely familiar with the variety of equity compensation structures …

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unystematic vs systematic risk

Diversification: The Key to Maximizing your Investments

The key to understanding the importance of diversification lies first with understanding risk. There are two types of risk when it comes to investing. If you’ve ever taken a finance or statistics class you’ll likely remember learning about unsystematic vs systematic risk. Understanding their differences helps investors maximize their investment returns. As advisors, it’s key …

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