August 24, 2018

Ep. 7 – How to Succeed in Life and in Business with Jose Caro of Caro & Associates, LLC

Jose Caro
Caro & Associates

Jose Caro was born and raised in Peru before immigrating as teenager to the United States. Since then he received a BA in Accounting from the University of Washington, started his own business accounting firm, and now 8-years later, is seeing tremendous results with his business.

In today's episode, Jose and I discuss his journey as a business owner, the interesting business model he has chosen to employ as a business accountant, and the lessons he's learned along the way. We dive into finding your "why", surrounding yourself with good mentors, and never ceasing to learn. Join us as we learn through Jose's experiences how to succeed in life and in business.

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What's in this Episode:

  • Jose’s experience immigrating to the United States as a teenager.
  • His background and early career in accounting and how he got into the accounting field.
  • How Jose started his business and how we grew it to where it is today.
  • The importance of finding your “why” in everything you do.
  • The importance of finding good mentors in your life.
  • Why you should never stop learning and how to use that curiosity to your advantage.

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