August 10, 2018

Ep. 6 – Estate Planning for Young Adults with Nancy Cahill of Holman, Cahill, Garrett, Ives, Oliver & Andersen PLLC

Nancy Cahill

Nancy is a third generation Seattle resident and alum of both Yale University and Seattle University. She's been an estate attorney for more than 30 years and a partner in her own firm more than 20 years. Her specialties lie in real estate, estate planning, and charitable giving. Nancy is also a prominent member of the Seattle 4 Rotary Club and tremendously active in her community.

In today's episode, I interview Nancy about her career and entrepreneurial journey as an estate attorney. We also cover the basics of estate planning for young adults and why it's important no matter how much wealth you possess.

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What's in this Episode:

  • Nancy’s career in law.
  • Her experience as co-founder of her own law firm.
  • Estate planning basics for young adults.
  • Charitable giving basics.
  • Nancy’s Chartered Adviser in Philanthropy designation.
  • Her ties to charity via Seattle 4 Rotary Club.

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