July 28, 2018

Ep. 4 – Get to the Top of Your Career with Janet Matta of CareerJanet.com

Janet Matta

Janet Matta is the Founder of CareerJanet.com, a career strategy consulting firm that works with both individuals and organizations on all things career-oriented. Janet received her Bachelor's in History from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada and her Masters in Education from Seattle University. With her knowledge and expertise, she's on a mission to change the landscape of the workforce where every person feels their work is meaningful and impactful and companies are able to hire and retain top-notch talent.

In today's episode, we talk on all aspects of your career from what to do if you're unhappy to how to take that next step forward. We also explore the importance your career plays in finding happiness and fulfillment in your life and it's role in creating the financial stability and independence you seek. Get to the top of your career with the help of today's episode!

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What's in this Episode:

  • Janet’s numerous and drastic career changes before launching her own business.
  • What got her into career consulting.
  • The challenges and experiences she went through in starting her own business.
  • Janet’s own financial journey through it all and the lessons she learned along the way.
  • Why finding meaning and fulfillment in your career is important and what you can do if you’re not satisfied in your current role. 
  • The relationship a career and building financial independence. 
  • How to find financial success in your career.
  • What financial independence means to Janet

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