July 27, 2018

Ep. 2 – Building a Financial Services Career with Levi Sanchez of Millennial Wealth

Levi Sanchez
Millennial Wealth

Levi Sanchez

Levi was born and raised in the Tri-Cities area of Eastern Washington and is an alum of Washington State University. He spent 3 years working for one of the industries largest bank-run wealth management firm before leaving to launch his own money-focused blog geared towards Millennials that ultimately transitioned to Millennial Wealth.

In today's episode, Levi and I discuss his financial services career, his own journey in starting Millennial Wealth with me, and all the life and business lessons he's learned along the way.

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What's in this Episode:

  • How Levi got started in his financial services career.
  • What spurred him to become an entrepreneur.
  • His experience starting a business.
  • His attitude around money and where his financial habits come from.
  • Lessons he’s learned through life and professional experience.
  • How he helps clients achieve financial independence.
  • What financial independence means to him. 
  • His tips for those seeking financial independence in their own lives.