Work towards financial independence in your life!

Long gone are the days of the traditional “retirement”. Achieving financial independence and having the flexibility to lead the life you’ve always wanted on your terms can be a reality. Learn from host Chad Rixse of Millennial Wealth about how to get a leg up towards reaching financial independence in your life!

Ep. 7 - How to Succeed in Life and in Business with Jose Caro of Caro & Associates, LLC

In today's episode, Jose and I discuss his journey as a business owner, the interesting business model he has chosen to employ as a business accountant, and the lessons he's learned along the way. We dive into finding your "why", surrounding yourself with good mentors, and never ceasing to learn. Join us as we learn through Jose's experiences how to succeed in life and in business.

Ep. 6 - Estate Planning for Young Adults with Nancy Cahill of Holman, Cahill, Garrett, Ives, Oliver & Andersen PLLC

In today's episode, I interview Nancy about her career and entrepreneurial journey as an estate attorney. We also cover the basics of estate planning for young adults and why it's important no matter how much wealth you possess.

Ep. 5 - Finding the Funny in Financial Planning with Catie Hogan of Hogan Financial Planning

In today's episode, I interview Catie Hogan from Hogan Financial Planning and the Get It Together with Catie Hogan podcast. We discuss incorporating her love of comedy into teaching financial literacy, her journey in starting her own financial planning firm, and our views on the financial futures of our generation.

Ep. 4 - Understanding the Role Your Career Plays with Janet Matta of

In today's episode, I interview Janet Matta from We talk on all aspects of career from what to do if you're unhappy to how to take that next step forward. We also explore the importance your career plays in finding happiness and fulfillment in your life and creating the financial stability and independence to pursue all other facets of your life.

Ep. 3 - Balancing a Career and Starting a Family with Matt Schoeneman of

In today's episode, we dive into the challenges we often face as young professionals once we get married and decide to start a family. I brought my good friend, Matt Schoeneman, on to the show to help tackle this topic as Matt is a successful tech professional who also recently bought a house, got married, and had his first kid. We talk money habits, building financial independence and freedom, and having difficult conversations with your spouse on managing your financial lives together.

Levi Sanchez

Ep. 2 - Building a Career in Financial Services with Levi Sanchez of Millennial Wealth

In today's episode, I interview my business partner in Millennial Wealth, Levi Sanchez, about his experience in the industry, starting a business, and the lessons he's learned about financial independence along the way.

Ep. 1 - Building a Side Hustle with Jake Greene of NWEsports

In our inaugural episode, we're talking all about side hustles and what they can do for you in working towards financial independence. We interview Jake Greene from NWEsports on his side hustle in the eSports industry, his vision for his business, and what financial independence means to him.