September 8, 2017

Our Philosophy

We understand Millennials want to balance funding their experiences today AND invest for their future. Our philosophy is built on this understanding and centers around the long-term, ongoing planning process, and disciplined investment principles. We believe in keeping our fees low, not only to make them more accessible but to minimize the impact on long-term returns. It is our goal to develop long-term, trusted relationships with our clients, helping them course-correct along life’s many paths. We strive to become your personal CFO that assists you in making smart, rational financial decisions. We help define and provide clarity to the emotional reactions people often make when markets recede or negative financial events occur in their lives. Lastly, we believe the most effective way to help you build long-term wealth is by holding you accountable and disciplined to the financial plan we develop together.

Our investment philosophy is centered around passive, low-cost investments. As information has become more readily available and public markets more efficient than ever before, it’s become increasingly difficult for active money manager’s to “beat” their respective benchmarks over full market cycles. Millennials have decades of time to take advantage of the power of compounding through a steady, patient approach. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sweeping changes don’t need to be made every day or every month for a portfolio to perform well over the long run. Instead, we focus on what we can control, which is our reactions to market swings, coaching healthy financial habits, keeping fees low, and tracking towards your goals.

In order to eliminate as many conflicts of interest as possible, Millennial Wealth does not sell any financial products for a commission. We believe that in order to define the difference between an advisor who works in the best interest of their clients, and one who does not, there needs to be a defining factor. We are solely compensated for our financial planning and advice through our monthly retainer fee, or asset-based fee.