August 10, 2017

Levi Sanchez

I’m a former millennial financial adviser at one of the nation’s largest wealth management firms. I have experience working with and managing high-net-worth individual and family wealth. As an adviser, the majority of my time was spent working with retirees, or near-retirees. While this demographic certainly needs the financial advice at that stage of their lives, I couldn’t ignore my peers’ need for advice as well.

The lack of financial education throughout all generations has always been a weakness in our educational system. Making matters worse, the industry caters to individuals with significant wealth over people with little assets in comparison. The end result, on average, young adults don’t establish healthy saving, investing, and debt management habits. Even though that’s the best possible time for these habits to be learned. Therefore, I decided to leave the business and start the journey towards launching Millennial Wealth and tackling our goal of educating, investing, and planning for our peer’s futures.

I grew up in Eastern Washington and attended Washington State University. I’ve always had a passion for investing and learning about money. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, basketball and watching the latest shows on Netflix.

Chad and I look forward to speaking soon. Don’t hesitate to reach out or schedule an appointment with us today!