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What do financial planners do

What do Financial Planners Do?

The variety of Financial Advisors, Financial Professionals, Financial Planners, etc, that people hold themselves out to be has become extensive. Our industry hasn’t done a great job of defining the distinguishing characteristics of each to our consumers. It’s probably left you asking, what do financial planners do? If you had to choose between an advisor …

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5 Financial Mistakes Millennials Make

Millennials are often criticized for their spending habits and YOLO (you only live once) lifestyles. Being millennials ourselves we can sympathize with our generations general view on lifestyle and saving habits. Most saw our parents go through the dot-com bubble, and housing crisis, which we believe contributed to “enjoy the money now because you never …

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5 Benefits of HSA’s

The benefits of HSA’s are numerous. A prerequisite to opening an HSA account is you must be a part of a high deductible health insurance plan. A high deductible plan, in most cases, is going to offer the cheapest premiums for young, healthy individuals. Your deductible, as suggested in the name, is simply higher than …

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