investing is not gambling

3 Reasons Investing is NOT Gambling

People who’ve never invested before oftentimes question the difference between investing and gambling. It’s true both involve risking capital in hopes of making a profit, however, the similarities end there. It would be a mistake to believe otherwise. Here are 3 reasons why investing is not gambling. 3 Reasons Investing Is Not Gambling Investing involves …

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First Time Home Buyers Guide

Millennials have become notorious for NOT buying homes. In our opinion, it has more to do with broad economic conditions, and social preferences, rather than a lack of interest in buying a home. Millennials are simply delaying big life events such as purchasing a home, getting married, and having kids, longer than previous generations. Regardless, we …

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5 Benefits of HSA’s

The benefits of HSA’s are numerous. A prerequisite to opening an HSA account is you must be a part of a high deductible health insurance plan. A high deductible plan, in most cases, is going to offer the cheapest premiums for young, healthy individuals. Your deductible, as suggested in the name, is simply higher than …

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Guide to Understanding the 401(k)

One of the most common types of retirement account available in today’s workplace is a 401(k). With social security increasingly hard to rely on, and the lack of pension plans available through employers today, it’s more important than ever to maximize your benefits. It all starts with understanding the 401(k). This guide will provide an …

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The Power of Compound Interest

Compound interest was once stated by Albert Einstein to be “the eighth wonder of the world”. Going on to state “compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe”. What exactly is compound interest and why such high praise from one of the greatest intellectual minds our world has ever known? The full power …

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